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A Database Built for Cloud Delivery

On-Demand Market

We’re living in an on-demand world.

Mobile devices and social media have made everyone aware of the benefits of on-demand applications in our personal lives, and set an example for the ease-of-use and economies we should expect our business environment also.

Given the pace of innovation and the growing intensity of the competitive landscape, corporations are becoming more interested in leveraging on-demand services rather than continuing to invest in on-premise software and systems. As a result, the SaaS market growth is accelerating.

Yet, rising demand for SaaS solutions is creating a new set of challenges for SaaS companies that must adopt database architectures to support the escalating expectations of an increasingly mobile user base worldwide.

SaaS companies must not only deploy more elastic RDBMS solutions to meet the functional requirements of their growing customer base, they must also deploy database solutions that are more economical as price competition in the SaaS market intensifies.

This means that successful SaaS companies must leverage a new generation of flexible and cost-effective RDBMS solutions that can give them the scalability and performance to meet the needs of today’s SaaS user.

This is the last in a multi-part series on "Executing a SaaS Strategy: The Role of the Database." If you'd like to access the entire series now, you can download it here


Jeff KaplanJeff Kaplan is the managing director of THINKstrategies, the only strategic consulting firm focused entirely on the business implications of the transition of the technology industry from product-centric to services-driven solutions, including software as a service (SaaS), cloud computing and managed services. Follow Jeff on Twitter @thinkstrategies.


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