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Beta 6 Launches With a Bang!

NuoDB, the leader in elastically scalable database software for the cloud, is pleased to announce today the much anticipated the release of Beta 6, featuring several major areas of development:

The Nuo Console, a graphical tool for administering the NuoDB database, has been significantly improved in Beta 6 in terms of ease-of-use and breadth of functionality:

  • Features a very easy-to-use GUI that provides rich graphical configuration and display capabilities
  • Enables DBAs to manage multiple distributed databases, which can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment
  • Provides comprehensive real-time monitoring capabilities and manages the full lifecycle of NuoDB distributed database nodes

Beta 6 security enhancements provide encryption of critical network communications between NuoDB transaction and storage nodes:

  • Beta 6 offers secure network communications and user access within an Adminstration Domain, which represents a set of associated NuoDB distributed databases
  • DBAs can define and manage different user roles and access rules for the system

Beta 6 includes many other product performance, quality and usability enhancements:

  • Index maintenance bug fixes and performance improvements around load/insert use cases
  • Improvements in fail-safe shutdown of NuoDB transaction and storage nodes
  • Further improvements towards completing SQL compliance coverage
  • Availability of online HTML documentation and improvements to NuoSQL Help
  • Launch of NuoDB’s new Community Forum to provide online community support for NuoDB Beta 6 users.

Announced separately today, NuoDB has launched an Open Source Initiative by making several of its client drivers and APIs available on Github for community development.

Bob Krier, R&D Manager at Axway and user of NuoDB since Beta 1, commented on this latest beta program launch. “My company and I are very excited about the technology behind NuoDB as it promises to revolutionize enterprise software in ways other database platforms have fallen short.  We are very excited about the new features in Beta 6 and look forward to its release.”

NuoDB is a new kind of database that is specifically architected to scale effortlessly on the cloud without compromising on any of the features or guarantees of relational databases.  The NuoDB database is SQL-compliant, highly resilient, requires minimal database administration, guarantees the integrity of transactions, and scales out and in effortlessly on commodity cloud-based resources to deliver high performance at web-scale with highly efficient and flexible resource utilization.

Unlike every other database, NuoDB is built for the cloud from the ground up on an Emergent Architecture – a shared nothing, asynchronous, peer-to-peer approach that is ideal for the cloud, yet it delivers the power, reliability and functionality of a traditional database.

“We have come a long way since launching our restricted beta program in July 2011,” said Barry Morris, founder and CEO of NuoDB. “Since then, we have signed up over 250 beta customers, added tons of new features based on their feedback, and greatly improved the overall quality and stability through rigorous product testing.  Based on all the user feedback, I am very confident that over the course of this year developers will rapidly adopt NuoDB to migrate existing and build new web-scale applications.”

Still don’t believe us? Try it out. You won’t be the first to have his/her jaw drop.

Download the Beta today!

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