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1,000 Strong! NuoDB LinkedIn Community Grows With The Flock!

We have had an eventful and exciting few weeks here at NuoDB. The recent Wall Street Journal article, focusing on new cloud database technology and featuring NuoDB both prominently and positively, kept us smiling. It’s nice to be recognized.

But today is a new day, and we’ve caught sight of something else to smile about. The NuoDB Community group on LinkedIn has reached over 1,000 members to date! And we’re still growing.

The group, established in May of 2012, experienced a particularly impressive increase in active membership in the past few months. A large portion of this increase is attributed to the much anticipated GA release of NuoDB Starlings 1.0 and — happily — a coinciding increase in media coverage on CDMS technology generally and NuoDB particularly.

“We are making tremendous progress in building NuoDB communities across various social networks,” said Dr. Michael Waclawiczek, Management Consultant at NuoDB. “The NuoDB LinkedIn Group and its growth is yet another data point demonstrating the increasing awareness and interest in NuoDB and its elastically scalable cloud database.” We have momentum!

NuoDB’s LinkedIn goal is to keep members informed about cloud database management and NuoDB’s part in emergent technology.  We keep active on the LinkedIn network and are interested in feedback. The group frequently uses polls and user surveys to gain insight into user preferences and priorities.

Come join the flock and be a part of this technological change!



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