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NuoDB for Application Migration to the Cloud

a market in transition

Today’s customers expect applications to be on demand. As more organizations seek to reduce their data center footprints, they’re increasingly turning to cloud applications and software as a service (SaaS) to simplify their IT burden.

That’s why you’re getting ahead of the market by turning your trusted on-premises applications into service-based offerings. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. This new model brings with it a whole host of challenges including application-level changes, service level agreements (SLAs), new infrastructure costs, and an upside-down cash flow model. 

When you need to simplify migration, lower costs, and reduce risk, you want to turn to NuoDB.

faster time to market

In an on-demand world, customer acquisition and retention depends on rapid development and delivery of new products and capabilities. With NuoDB, you transition to the cloud faster by reusing existing application code and SQL skills, and you can also make continual updates more easily because your database is handling data management logic instead of your application.


Elastic Scale


for fluctuating growth

NuoDB's simple and elastic scaling means you add capacity only when you need it - and let go of it when you don't. No pre-provisioning, over-provisioning, sharding, or complex redundancy. And completely transparent to the application.

Continuous Availability


your users demand

In the competitive world of SaaS apps, downtime can make or break your success. NuoDB's peer-to-peer architecture can absorb failures, outages and rolling upgrades, all while staying up and running.

 Learn more in the “Continuous Availability in NuoDB” white paper!

Simplified Development


for agile market response

It's hard to move fast if you have to incorporate data management in your application logic. That's why NuoDB keeps consistency, durability, and data logic in the database where it belongs - instead of in the application. 

In 2018, NuoDB was named one of Santander UK’s

Santander Gigabit feature

carefully selected partners that have been critical for its ongoing digital transformation.

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

NuoDB better aligns your costs with revenue. Elastic scaling and the familiarity of SQL means you minimize upfront and ongoing development costs, while automated redundancy and disaster recovery keeps infrastructure simple and hardware utilization high.

Check out our "Database Selection: The Financial Impact" solution brief for more information. 


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