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Active-Active Database

Always On, Always Available

NuoDB’s active-active capabilities enable applications to read AND write to up to two data centers or Availability Zones at the same time.

That means your database remains operational with no downtime, even if one data center loses network connectivity or suffers a disaster.

How We Do It

NuoDB uses a two-layer, peer-to-peer architecture designed to natively deliver in-memory speeds, continuous availability, and elastic scale-out that can be deployed in an active-active configuration across multiple data centers.

We accomplish this with:

  • An in-memory, transactional layer of Transaction Engines that places data close to the application (or the users). This allows the application to naturally build up its own in-memory caches of frequently accessed data in the location where it’s needed most.

  • A distributed storage layer that provides ACID-guarantees such as high read/write throughput, durability, and consistency across data centers.

  • Intelligent database processes that detect server, data center, and network failures and automatically redirect application requests to the remaining (and available) database.

Check out our ebook "From Disaster Recovery to Active-Active" for more information

How we're different

You know that meeting requirements today means deploying an active-active infrastructure. Yet traditional relational databases force you to purchase expensive add-ons and add complexities to your application code and data center configuration. In many cases, you can’t even get active-active deployment as an option.

Meanwhile, NoSQL solutions compromise on consistency or other ACID guarantees.  These limitations force the application to compensate and developers to spend time writing specialized data management functionality.

With NuoDB’s Distributed SQL database, you:

  • Obtain active-active benefits as part of the database, eliminating the need for additional software
  • Can read AND write from multiple hosts across availability zones
  • Maintain the transactional consistency, data integrity, and durability your applications demand


Reduced Risk


with a simpler and more resilient architecture

As applications move to a service-oriented model, ensuring system resilience is critical. NuoDB automates process, hardware, and data center redundancies without complicated replication schemes or extraneous hardware, leaving you with confidence that your database will always stay running.

Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction

with better performance and availability

In the SaaS world, it’s easy for customers to switch providers when their high expectations aren’t met. NuoDB makes it easy not only to improve performance by placing data closer to the application and user, but also to eliminate planned and unplanned downtime, keeping your customers engaged and happy.

Improve ROI


with optimized hardware and lower costs

Meeting your recovery time objective (RTO) often costs a fortune due to expensive add-ons or maintaining a back-up infrastructure that lies dormant until disaster strikes. NuoDB enables you to use all that dormant infrastructure to improve performance while saving money.


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