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  • This infographic illustrates how innovative VoIP company Fathom Voice enabled low-latency communications around the world using NuoDB, The Distributed Database. Explore how Fathom Voice deployed on the Amazon Web Services Cloud, experienced rapid growth, then found the right database to support their global business.

    Would your application benefit from the ability to deploy a single,...Read more

  • As a reflection of growing leadership in the distributed DBMS market, NuoDB has been the subject of a lot of research lately.

    In just the past month, the company and/or the NuoDB product have been cited in:

    the first-ever Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational DBMS ; a 451 Research Impact Report by Matt Aslett, a leading database analyst; (also available here). a thorough analysis...Read more
  • Company to conduct live product launch featuring customer’s geo-distributed database deployment

    Cambridge, MA – September 26, 2013 – NuoDB, Inc., the leader in NewSQL distributed database technology, announced they will be conducting a live-streamed webcast on October 16, 2013, to introduce NuoDB Blackbirds Release 2.0. The new release is a major enhancement of the...Read more

  • Constance, Germany and Cambridge, MA - German software producer combit and NuoDB, Inc., the industry leader in NewSQL, announced a technology partnership today. By integrating combit’s award-winning reporting tool, List & Label, with NuoDB, customers will benefit from a seamless approach to reporting of operational intelligence in their NuoDB operational database.

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  • I recently saw a piece by Matt Aslett, Principal Analyst at 451 Research on multi-model databases. (Click here to read the full article.)

    At NuoDB we have a lot of respect for Matt and his viewpoints. In fact, he was recently featured as a speaker at our live-streamed launch event. (Watch him here .)

    He mentions us in the blog (thank you, Matt) but I’d like to expand on...Read more

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have an elastically scalable database? NuoDB is a re-think of relational database technology, targeted at an elastic cloud of computers rather than a single computer system. What sets NuoDB apart from other NewSQL and NoSQL solutions is the many distinctive features that underpin its unique architecture. Chief among them is the manner by which multiple nodes...Read more

  • Klint Finley, in his piece about Most Over-Hyped Cloud Technologies, reports that readers identifed “NoSQL” as the #1 most hyped technologyRead more

  • Cambridge, MA – August 1, 2011 – NimbusDB, the thought leader in cloud database technology, announced today that the company has chosen to change its name to NuoDB. NuoDB is a NewSQL database system, a new category of databases designed to deliver horizontally scalable ACID transactions within the industry-standard SQL database model. “Nuo” derives from a Chinese word...Read more

  • Part of being in a category, such as NewSQL, with competing technologies, such as VoltDB, is understanding where your solutions overlap, complement or diverge from one another. This week VoltDB announced their Enterprise Export-to-Hadoop Client which clearly shows us where they see their solution within the NewSQL market.

    “Big Data applications come with a complex combination of...Read more

  • Mike Stonebraker is talking about NewSQL again today in a keynote at the NoSQL Now conference in San Jose.

    No prizes for guessing what Dr Stonebraker is going to say… namely that:

    SQL is not inherently incapable of scaling-out horizontally, transactions are good for any applications that care about consistent data (almost all applications do to some extent), and that the...Read more