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  • Docker is a perfect fit for demonstrating the strength of our product in a simple and foolproof manner because we can wrap up everything we need in a NuoDB host and recreate it in a 100% repeatable fashion. With the requirement that the customer run Linux and have Docker installed, we could easily set up a tour of NuoDB so that it was a very robust environment.

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  • Seemed like a simple Jira, an easy bug fix to check off my list - a problem with our JDBC PreparedStatement#setByte(). What followed was the proverbial can of worms. I started to think about and overthink BINARY data. How is it used? What is stored in BINARY fields? How do people insert data into BINARY fields?

    I found the behavior of NuoDB to be odd, not necessarily wrong, but odd....Read more

  • The NuoSQL tool, nuosql, is the command line utility for accessing data in NuoDB. There is one new option as of NuoDB 1.2 that is very useful for displaying data with very wide columns using nuosql. Then there's another new option (but you'll have to wait for NuoDB 2.0) that is useful for displaying many rows of data.

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  • Everyone is concerned about the performance of their database and specifically queries on their database. No matter how fast your hardware is or how fast your database is, query optimization still offers very significant performance benefits. Identifying which queries require optimization can be a challenge. NuoDB has a solution – actually two helpful solutions – both new in NuoDB...Read more