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NuoDB 1.1.1 - Release Details

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Note: This blog was published over a year ago. Content may be out of date.

I wanted to share a brief summary on a few of the great developments in our latest release, NuoDB 1.1.1, available for download today.

+ We’ve made Query Optimizer improvements and fixes that result in significant performance increases.

+ Our new Python driver beta accompanies the 1.1.1 release. It’s natively written in Python and and features support for SQL Alchemy and many of the Python management tools you are already using. What’s more, it communicates with NuoDB directly through our wire protocol.

+ The NuoDB wire protocol documentation is now open for other developers to create their own native language drivers.

+ The .NET driver is now available as two separate assemblies, one for .NET 3.5 and one for .NET 4.0, and support is added for:

  • Entity Framework 5 in the .NET 4.0 version of the driver
  • Reading/writing GUID columns to the database
  • Connection pooling
  • NuoDBBulkLoader class to perform bulk loading of rows

+ Improved SQL conformance, along with the implementation of additional SQL functions.

+ The NuoDB Explorer can now execute multiple / composite SQL statements from a single query window.

+ The NuoDB Migrator now supports DB2 databases.

Documentation has been updated with:

  • MS Azure deployment instructions
  • AWS CloudFormation instructions
  • Availability for download in PDF and HTML
  • 20 bug fixes
  • Enhancements to the look and feel of pages
  • Improvements to top level navigation

+ There were approximately 150 issues resolved in 1.1.1!


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