Technically Seth Series

Data Replication
NuoDB CTO Seth Proctor walks through the ease of replication with NuoDB. Find out the difference between full data and on-demand data replication and why the distinction is important.
High Availability
NuoDB CTO Seth Proctor explains how NuoDB provides customers with a highly available DBMS.
Low Latency & Geo-distribution
CTO Seth Proctor discusses NuoDB's unique approach to geo-distribution.
No Sharding
CTO Seth Proctor walks through a database sharding example and explains why it's just not necessary to shard a NuoDB Database.
Deployment Architecture
CTO Seth Proctor walks through the core components of the NuoDB cloud database and how a single database can be distributed across several hosts.
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"I joined NuoDB right at the start of commercial development, drawn to the idea of building a powerful Cloud Data Management System focused on being agile and delightful to end users."

Seth Proctor, CTO, NuoDB. Inc.