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License Cost Calculator

Database costs can skyrocket based on your choices - from licensing to deployment architectures, application coding/porting costs to hiring for specialized skills based on your database. NuoDB’s value comes from delivering capabilities you need with less complexity and cost than other solutions.

License costs don’t tell the whole story, but they can give you a sense for how NuoDB functionality and costs compare to Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Try it against your environment, review the detailed explanation below the calculator, and then contact us for a true return on investment (ROI) analysis for your business.

Note: This calculator compares Enterprise Editions of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and NuoDB. Information on license costs for Oracle Standard Edition 2, Microsoft Standard Edition, and NuoDB Professional Edition, can be found here.

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Over five years, a typical deployment of NuoDB could save you between:

$540,000 and $5,280,000

in license costs alone compared to other vendors

Use the calculator to get a customized analysis of license costs for your requirements.

Explaining the Numbers

Unlike Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, NuoDB natively includes capabilities such as elastic scale-out, caching, table partitioning, and support for data centers across availability zones. This calculator does not compare Standard Edition options as a result. 

In the “typical” scenario above, we assume three 16-core servers in an active-passive configuration, with all database options in-memory, table partitioning, and application caching required, and an 8% annual growth.

  Year 1 Baseline Active-Passive License* Year 1 Costs of Additional Features Total License Costs for 5 Years
NuoDB Enterprise Edition $72,000 All included $600,000
Oracle Enterprise Edition $396,480 $386,400 $6,524,000
Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition $136,858 All included $1,140,480

*Annual baseline license based on published 5-year subscriptions for Oracle and NuoDB. SQL Server pricing based on published Perpetual Price / 5 years.

Pricing calculator conservatively assumes two NuoDB engines for each Oracle / SQL Server server. Most deployments will not require that high a ratio.

Pricing Reference (Annual Costs)

This calculator is based on published retail pricing for both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Pricing for both Oracle and NuoDB are based on 5-year subscription costs, while Microsoft SQL Server pricing is based on perpetual license costs amortized across five years. NuoDB's customers turn to NuoDB for its native ability to scale out - a feature not supported in either Oracle Standard Edition 2 or Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition, which is why they are not included in this calculator. Details about NuoDB's different Editions can be found here.

SQL Server Standard SQL Server Enterprise NuoDB
Baseline License $2,450
per core
per core
per core
per core
$2,400 per engine
(4 cores)
$12,000 per engine
(16 cores)
Active-Active X $2,450 per core
X X X  
X $1,610 per core
(Active Data Guard)
Read / Write
X $3,220 per core
(Oracle RAC)
X X    
Table Partitioning X $1,610 per core
In-Memory X $3,220 per core
(Database In-Memory)
Application Caching X $3,220 per core