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Product Overview

What is NuoDb?

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  • memory-centric
  • ACID-compliant
  • SQL database
  • that can be dynamically tuned to customer requirements
  • while easily scaling in and out
  • on commodity hardware
  • with automated failover and disaster recovery.

In short, a technologically advanced, elastic SQL database for cloud- and container-based environments that supports the past, satisfies the present, and prepares for the future.

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A Database for
the On-Demand world

An evolving software market is driving new expectations, and modernizing your application is only half the battle.
You need a database that can anticipate tomorrow’s needs today.


by leveraging existing application code and keeping data management logic where it belongs - in the database

because high availability, scale,
and disaster recovery are built right into the product - no need for complex, expensive architecture and
additional components


by delivering better performance, availability, and new features faster
(due to simpler application logic)


NuoDB was the best database to support our need for scaling up our distributed network to meet demand requirements while maintaining transactional consistency and integrity.

— Bruce Lawler, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Kodiak


NuoDB’s revolutionary Durable Distributed Cache (DDC) architecture combines the strengths of traditional relational database management systems (RDBMSs) – rich ANSI SQL support, full ACID transactions, enterprise-class tooling for security, backup, and administration – with support for elastic scalability and continuous availability in cloud and containerized environments.

Take a look at how this works.


  • Video of NuoDB Demo: Easy, Elastic Scaling

    Elastic Scalability

    Watch how easily NuoDB can improve database performance by scaling elastically on demand while maintaining full ACID compliance.

  • Video of NuoDB Demo: Active-Active & Hybrid Cloud

    Active-Active & Hybrid Cloud

    Watch how NuoDB can be deployed active-active across a hybrid cloud architecture in a typical on-premises data center. 

  • Video of NuoDB Demo: Continuous Availability & Cloud Migration

    Continuous Availability

    Watch how NuoDB can be configured to run as a redundant database across multiple hosts, supporting high availability and redundancy, rolling upgrades, and online schema evolution and backup.



  • Memory-Centric

    Use NuoDB's memory-centric architecture to make optimizations around storage, redundancy, replication, and more without worrying about disk I/O limitations.

  • Hybrid Deployment

    Run NuoDB in your environment(s) of choice: on-premises, in containers like Docker, or in a public, private or hybrid cloud.

  • Enterprise-Class Security

    Preserve strong support for the familiar and proven SQL role- & user-based security model. Messages between NuoDB processes are also encrypted by default.

  • Active-Active

    Maximize all resources across multiple close-proximity data centers or AWS Availability Zones. Minimize application and client latencies through automated data locality.

  • Automated Performance Balancing

    In-memory caches automatically adjust for optimal workload performance based on access patterns without sharding the database.  


  • On-Demand Scaling and Redundancy

    Add and remove scale-out compute power or redundant storage for local latency and resilience, without stopping database services.

  • Continuous Availability

    Withstand failure at all levels - of a process, of a host, of a whole region or data center - without bringing your application down. 

  • Policy-Driven Administration

    Define service-level agreements based on policies. Easily integrate existing policy management and cloud orchestration tools through a robust REST interface.



    Easily migrate existing applications to NuoDB’s distributed, ANSI SQL, cloud database.

  • Flexible Schema

    Alter schemas with built-in support, including derived table types for managing non-uniform, semi-structured data sets and inheritance hierarchies.

  • Stored Procedures

    Migrate existing application code easily using in-database processing for improved performance using standard SQL and also Java stored procedures.



You want elasticity, flexibility, and availability. You need transactional consistency, data durability, and reliability.
You shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Elastic Scalability

Whether you’re planning for long-term growth or seasonal peaks, NuoDB enables you to easily and quickly add more capacity on demand without disruption or pre-provisioning - while still maintaining strict ACID semantics.

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Continuous Availability

NuoDB’s automated redundancy and peer-to-peer architecture means that processes, hosts, even whole data centers can go down - voluntarily or through failure – without impacting database availability or putting durability and consistency at risk.

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Active-Active Operations

If performance and availability are important measures of your application’s success, an active-active architecture can seem like the holy grail. NuoDB preserves ACID compliance even across data centers, but without the infrastructure complexity and additional licensing costs of other solutions.

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NuoDB has the solution that will dominate the cloud database market for the next few decades in a manner similar to how Oracle, Informix, Ingres and Sybase dominated RDBMS in the previous era.

— Roger Sippl, Founder, Informix

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test drive 

We’re different than any database you’ve ever seen. This guided technical demo uses Docker containers to give you hands-on experience with:

  • Installing and starting a NuoDB database
  • Running across multiple Docker containers
  • Scaling by adding more virtual hosts

…all while keeping the database up and running - even when processes fail.

Test drive
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Ready to Learn More?

There’s a lot more behind NuoDB. Whether you want to better understand how NuoDB’s unique architecture enables our capabilities or you’d like to dive right into the product, we recommend you check out the following resources to investigate a little further:

Read the Product Datasheet        Test Drive NuoDB         Read our Use Cases