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NuoDB is looking for a few good partners for its NuoConnect program. We'll help you provide even more value to your customers with a 100% SQL, 100% ACID, 100% Scalable RDBMS that’s truly 100% unique.

Through NuoConnect both established and emerging technology companies can combine their strengths with ours to deliver customers a completely new and differentiated range of solutions.

The NuoConnect program offers these benefits:

    • Free NuoDB Pro Edition software for development, testing, training, and demo purposes
    • Joint go-to-market programs
    • Access to NuoDB technical documentation
    • Access to NuoDB marketing materials
    • NuoDB technical training
    • NuoDB sales training
    • Increased market presence and revenue potential
    • Listing on the NuoDB website
    • Certification, validation, and/or joint solution development.

A list of our featured NuoConnect partners includes:

    • Amazon AWS
    • Aria Media
    • x2develop
    • Barula Systems
    • H2Consulting LLC
    • Firebase
    • Northpoint Solutions
    • Awesome API

Connect With Us!

If your customers are struggling with any of these problems, we should talk:

  • Scaling a SQL database elastically on a large number of machines
  • Managing a large number of databases on a large number of machines
  • Writing a new web-scale application and planning ahead for its ability to scale
  • Developing a SaaS solution and need to get out from under the constraints of traditional SQL databases
  • Trying to streamline administrative overhead on a SQL database.

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