Thanks for your interest in the NuoDB Test Drive. Today, the Test Drive is a Docker-based implementation and only available on Linux platforms and Amazon Web Services.

For Windows users interested in evaluating NuoDB, we offer the NuoDB Community Edition. The NuoDB Community Edition is a single-host version of the NuoDB distributed database. It is free of charge and allows you to self-evaluate NuoDB through a series of quick-start guides and/or build and run your applications on your own laptop, desktop, or in the cloud:

  • ACID compliant transactions
  • Rich ANSI SQL capabilities
  • Simple to use administration
  • Integrated ODBC/JDBC, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python Node.JS, Perl API

Step 1:

Select and download NuoDB Release 2.6.0 Community Edition for the appropriate operating system (listed to the right). By downloading, you accept these terms and conditions.

Step 2:

Visit the Developer Center for tips on getting started, product documentation and user forums. Support for the Community Edition is available only through the Forums.

Download version updated January 2017

Unlike our fully featured Self-Directed Trial, the Community Edition does not showcase NuoDB’s ability to scale-out on demand, run across multiple data centers, or operate in a continuously available manner. If you’d like to explore those capabilities, you can contact Sales to discuss a Self-Directed Trial or request a free short consultation with a solution architect who will explore with you how NuoDB could fit into your application’s architecture.