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  • Ever wonder why your Sequence numbers in NuoDB are not necessarily assigned in sequential order?

    Sequences can be used to auto-generate unique values, such as the primary key column of a table. Sequences also do not respect transactional isolation so they will not cause conflicts if multiple transactions are using the same sequence at the same time. This is why using a Sequence is...Read more

  • Seemed like a simple Jira, an easy bug fix to check off my list - a problem with our JDBC PreparedStatement#setByte(). What followed was the proverbial can of worms. I started to think about and overthink BINARY data. How is it used? What is stored in BINARY fields? How do people insert data into BINARY fields?

    I found the behavior of NuoDB to be odd, not necessarily wrong, but odd....Read more

  • Of course, every release has criteria that need to be met. In the case with NuoDB 2.0.4 the criteria were simple, and rooted firmly in product quality and stability. Sure, we may say it often and you might consider it a given, but quality was truly our sole focus for this release. We dropped nearly everything from our queue that didn't have a direct and verifiable impact on it. This investment...Read more

  • With our latest release cycle we faced a problem that impacted extremely load intensive long running (multi-day) tests. The symptom was a slow but steady increase in Resident Set Size (RSS) that impacted both our Transaction Engines (TEs) and Storage Managers (SMs). On large machines unless you're looking at "ps" stats you wouldn't notice it, but on typical cloud hardware the OOM killer would...Read more