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  • Docker is a perfect fit for demonstrating the strength of our product in a simple and foolproof manner because we can wrap up everything we need in a NuoDB host and recreate it in a 100% repeatable fashion. With the requirement that the customer run Linux and have Docker installed, we could easily set up a tour of NuoDB so that it was a very robust environment.

    I...Read more

  • Every release, NuoDB gets easier to use, and release 2.3 has added a preview feature that promises to make the life of a systems administrator much easier: hot copy. (The use of preview features is encouraged in development projects but not yet supported in deployments.)

    Hot copy uses one of the existing Storage Managers (SM) or Snapshot Storage Managers (SSM) to create a...Read more

  • I closed out the blog post announcing our last release, NuoDB Larks Release 2.2, like this:

    See you in three months, when NuoDB Robins hits the streets. We think you'll like it :)

    We've been busy with Robins aka Release 2.3. We think Robins is important for a number of reasons.

    First, as with all of our releases, Robins includes hundreds of specific improvements based...Read more

  • For many organizations, the promise of the cloud is closely connected with the promise of on-demand capacity.

    Databases today - especially those seeking to run in a cloud-based environment - need to meet certain characteristics of scale.

    NuoDB is designed to scale-out - and in - without ever sacrificing transactional consistency or performance. Whether you are scaling a simple...Read more