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  • Greetings stalwart technical nuonians! I am back with a follow on to my previous MVCC post. Part 1 gave a high-level abstract overview of the problem that MVCC was meant to solve, and a basic sketch of how a database would use MVCC to maximize concurrency. Now, in part 2 I hope to make these concepts more concrete by giving specific examples.

    Example 1: Reads and Updates...Read more

  • Greetings, technically-minded nuonians! I am Trek Palmer and I am one of the engineers here at nuodb. I spend most of my time implementing and debugging the atom layer of nuodb. For the last year I’ve been living and breathing distributed transactional consistency. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to engage directly with customers and users of nuodb and one of the questions that...Read more

  • NuoDB is a multi-tenant product. That’s a cloud buzzword, but essentially it means that with a single install of the software you can run any number of distinct databases serving distinct clients. Each database maintains its own physically separate archives and runs with its own set of security credentials. Neat, huh?

    To make this model usable and useful we have a management tier...Read more

  • We use JIRA for issue-tracking. It’s a great product that uses a relational database back-end.

    Our goal is to use NuoDB in-house as much as possible, and by getting JIRA running against NuoDB we could confirm that NuoDB is production-ready and capable of driving complex enterprise applications.

    What are the benefits of running JIRA on NuoDB?

    First of all, data...Read more