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  • Hi, I’m Adam Abrevaya, the VP of Engineering at NuoDB. You’ll be seeing much more from me in the way of me introducing new innovative features in upcoming releases, how we build NuoDB – i.e. insight into our engineering practices and how we test NuoDB (that gets really interesting at massive scale – 100s or 1000s of machines). Today however I’ll add my 2 cents to...Read more

  • Welcome, concurrency-minded nuonians, to part 3 of the MVCC overview! In part 1 , we laid out the basics of MVCC and described how MVCC enables much higher concurrency than conventional read/write locks (even per row). In part 2 , we explored how MVCC works in the presence of interleaved reads and updates. This post is going to cover visibility and the subtleties of maintaining transactional...Read more

  • Tommy and I just did a Google Developer Live thing. Great fun!! The demo hit a little snag but Tommy did great, and hey, it proves it was real.

    Big thanks to Brian & Julia for working with us and getting this pulled together!Read more

  • Update 5/22/2013: We are now keeping the NuoDB CloudFormation templates in a Github Repository . I have updated the instructions below to refer to the new location.

    NuoDB 1.0.1 is now available as an AMI in the AWS Marketplace . This makes it really easy to deploy a NuoDB provisioned host on Amazon EC2 infrastructure; with one click you can have a single host domain up and running. At...Read more