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  • Tommy and I just did a Google Developer Live thing. Great fun!! The demo hit a little snag but Tommy did great, and hey, it proves it was real.

    Big thanks to Brian & Julia for working with us and getting this pulled together!Read more

  • Update 5/22/2013: We are now keeping the NuoDB CloudFormation templates in a Github Repository . I have updated the instructions below to refer to the new location.

    NuoDB 1.0.1 is now available as an AMI in the AWS Marketplace . This makes it really easy to deploy a NuoDB provisioned host on Amazon EC2 infrastructure; with one click you can have a single host domain up and running. At...Read more

  • As Seth mentioned in his post , NuoDB’s Transaction Engines implement a form of caching. He gave a high-level overview of what’s going on, and compared NuoDB’s techniques with several other database cache-like approaches. In this post, I’m going to elaborate on Seth’s points from the point of view of an implementer firmly entrenched in the details.

    What the...Read more
  • We get a lot of questions about the caching part of our architecture, and whether NuoDB is an “ in-memory ” database. After all, there are many different types of caches, and it’s a key element of how a system performs. This is the first in a few entries that will explain what caching really means in NuoDB, how it’s different from other systems and what that means to...Read more