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  • One thing I often get asked to describe is the development process of NuoDB’s Cloud Database . That usually comes in the form of a question as to whether we use agile methodologies, waterfall or something else.

    Our overall guiding principle to software development is simply this: “Keep It Working” . Everything we do is about building on a solid base and incrementally...Read more

  • A few weeks back, a question came up on the NuoDB Community Forum regarding a table ID column which had been created using the “GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY” statement. The values displayed in this column had suddenly jumped from 61 to 72 and the poster was confused as to why.

    To recreate this scenario, let’s say the table was created using...Read more

  • We at NuoDB were recently given the opportunity to kick the tires on the Google Compute Engine by our friends over at Google. You can watch the entire Google Developer Live Session by clicking here . In order to access the capabilities of GCE we decided to run the same YCSB based benchmark we ran at our General Availability Launch back in January. For those of you who missed it we demonstrated...Read more

  • Hi, I’m Adam Abrevaya, the VP of Engineering at NuoDB. You’ll be seeing much more from me in the way of me introducing new innovative features in upcoming releases, how we build NuoDB – i.e. insight into our engineering practices and how we test NuoDB (that gets really interesting at massive scale – 100s or 1000s of machines). Today however I’ll add my 2 cents to...Read more