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  • Greetings oh-so-persistent nuonians! Your faithful consistency nerd is here to continue the discussion of MVCC. For background please examine part 1 (wherein our heroes are introduced to MVCC), part 2 (wherein our heroes witness examples) or part 3 (where our heroes are exposed to the subtleties of vanilla mvcc). This chapter of the story will introduce you to distributed MVCC, in particular...Read more

  • Everyone is concerned about the performance of their database and specifically queries on their database. No matter how fast your hardware is or how fast your database is, query optimization still offers very significant performance benefits. Identifying which queries require optimization can be a challenge. NuoDB has a solution – actually two helpful solutions – both new in NuoDB...Read more

  • We noticed recently that there’s been a consistently high number of downloads of NuoDB for the Windows platform. Go figure, right? Taking that to heart, we decided to put ourselves in the shoes of our Windows developers. What became clear is that there was plenty of opportunity for us to improve our support for your efforts. The NuoDB 1.1 Starlings release reflects this acknowledgement...Read more

  • Hello techblog readers! Today I’ll be talking about durability , the D in ACID, on NuoDB’s Cloud Database.

    So how does NuoDB ensure durability? Let’s start with the storage manager process (i.e., the data layer).

    The storage manager, SM for short, is responsible for maintaining a complete copy of the database. The atoms, database elements, are stored to either...Read more