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  • I’m excited to announce that the beta version of pynuodb, the NuoDB Python driver, is now available on Github ! You can also sign up to be an official participant in the beta program . In this post I’m going to go over how to get and install pynuodb and then lay out a few quick examples of how to use it.

    We wrote pynuodb as a pure Python driver, so installing it is super...Read more

  • A few weeks ago I did a joint webinar with Miles Ward (all around great guy) from Amazon. It prompted me to write about what I think cloud-scale means. Lots of you have asked, and I just heard that the AWS video is now online . So, you know, go check it out and let us know what you think!Read more

  • I did a webinar recently with Amazon. The focus was on what makes NuoDB different than other databases and why that means we’re so well-suited to run on AWS . I started off with a simple statement: NuoDB is a relational database designed to be cloud-scale.

    Calling something “cloud-scale” is, umm, “ fluffy .” Still, I like using this phrase for two reasons...Read more

  • With NuoDB release 1.1 we have added support for Microsoft .Net and Language INtegrated Queries (LINQ). In this post we’ll take a quick look at accessing the NuoDB quickstart hockey database using LINQ.

    What are Language INtegrated Queries?

    LINQ is Microsoft’s innovative technology, introduced in 2008, for the development of database applications by writing queries...Read more