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NuoDB: The container-native database

Built from inception as a distributed database, NuoDB can deliver the agility and scale out performance required to make rapid deployment with containers possible. And we do it with the power, ecosystems, skill sets, and best practices of a traditional SQL database.

Why? Those business applications expect nothing less.

A simple, streamlined architecture featuring automated orchestration means you can finally accelerate application delivery.

Our database delivers:

  • High performance through a cache-based design that allows database processing to occur very close to the application.
  • Capacity on demand that scales with your needs. Simply add or delete database containers dynamically.
  • Continuous availability via redundant container services and an architecture that is designed for live maintenance (no downtime!).
  • Automated administration by having a 100% REST-based administration model
  • Data redundancy and mobility by allowing storage containers to be added and deleted in a running system

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Monitor NuoDB Performance with NuoDB Insights

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Enable NuoDB Insights to access a dashboard of database and systems metrics to help you optimize your database environment.

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