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A Database Built for Continuous Availability

Beyond High Availability and Disaster Recovery

When your business is about delivering an application on demand, avoiding downtime isn’t about customer service - it’s about survival. Your customers want access to your application on their terms - not yours. That means no excuses about server failures, network outages, or necessary maintenance.

To ensure redundancy and disaster recovery, traditional relational databases require (at least) twice the hardware, twice the effort, twice the licensing costs, and a boatload of complexity. All of that takes away from your bottom line.

NoSQL offerings can keep your application available - but at the expense of transactional integrity, data durability, and standards-based SQL data access.

NuoDB delivers continuous availability no matter what your requirements. You can rely on NuoDB to keep your application up, running, and available to your customers whether you want resilience and automated redundancy in a single data center, an active-passive architecture for disaster recovery, or even an active-active database across multiple availability zones.

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Customers praised the HA/DR functionality of NuoDB (it received one of the highest customer reference scores for this). The scores for ease of programming and ease of doing business were among the highest. "

Source: Information Management, “Operational Database Management (Gartner Magic Quadrant) – The Niche Players"


Watch how NuoDB can be configured to run as a resilient database across multiple hosts, supporting high availability and redundancy, rolling upgrades, and online schema evolution and backup.


Lower Cost


with built-in redundancy

Instead of requiring extra hardware and software that lie dormant until disaster strikes, NuoDB maximizes your hardware utilization, automates redundancy, and reduces disaster recovery overhead. That means your organization saves money while improving availability.

Disaster Recovery
Automate recovery

with a simpler architecture

Typical disaster recovery solutions trade-off between poor recovery point and time objective (RPO/RTO) achievement and expensive replication strategies for more immediate response with minimal data loss. NuoDB’s active-passive capabilities provide protection without exorbitant cost.


Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction

with better availability

Customers expect the best - performance, features, security, and service - but they don’t want to wait, offline, during an upgrade. With NuoDB, keep customer satisfaction and application availability high with rolling upgrades and a database resilient to unplanned failures and outages.

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NuoDB’s automation, resiliency, and disaster recovery features combined with its advanced distributed architecture means that it can easily be configured to deliver continuous availability."

– Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst, Bloor Group​


NuoDB’s peer-to-peer architecture consists of peer processes that are independent and able to perform the same tasks. Because of this equality, any peer can fail or be shut down at any point without losing the database as a whole. There is no master, coordinator, or other single point for failure.

This simple model is the foundation for availability and resiliency in the NuoDB architecture.

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NuoDB’s ACID-compliance and support of ANSI SQL played a crucial role in the adoption of NuoDB for our new product offering where continuous availability and the ability to scale out without any disruptions spells its success."


Today’s requirements go beyond the traditional notions of “high availability.” Customers and users expect modern applications to be always-on and always available.

Download “Continuous Availability in NuoDB” to gain a deeper understanding of how NuoDB’s architecture supports continuous availability.

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