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NuoDB addresses a seemingly impossible problem: 
Build a database suitable for mission-critical workloads – maintaining both SQL capabilities and full ACID compliance – while simultaneously delivering global access, on-demand scalability, and cloud- or container-based deployment.

In short, become the only database that can maintain transactional consistency and integrity at global scale.

Introducing the Avant-Garde Database

After decades of lethargy and complacency in the database industry, the past decade has brought with it an explosion in innovation as organizations attempt to harness the agility and elasticity the cloud promises. Yet the poster child of that innovation – NoSQL – does so by abandoning the simplicity, rigor, and reliability of traditional relational databases.

As application vendors and enterprises increasingly turn to either containers or public, private, or hybrid cloud deployments to support their growing, global – and increasingly mobile – customer base, they need what Gartner terms an "avant-garde" relational database to support today’s cloud-based, on-demand economy without sacrificing traditional RDBMS guarantees.

Why NuoDB?

First envisioned by industry-renowned database architect and innovator Jim Starkey in 2008, NuoDB was launched in 2010 by Starkey and enterprise software executive Barry Morris. Fundamental to our founders’ vision was the idea of developing a database that builds on the power of SQL to tackle the multiple challenges associated with cloud computing and the rise of global application deployments.

Backed by three former CEOs of the four original relational database companies, NuoDB's leadership team includes former executives from IONA Technologies, StreamBase Systems, Object Design, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Veracode, and Nokia. NuoDB received its first patent in a record 15 months and has five additional patents currently pending.

Conceived by an innovator. Funded by market leaders. Led by industry veterans. And built by the smartest minds in the business.

This is NuoDB.

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