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  • Structure 2011 has been about Cloud. Earlier this year GigaOM ran a Big Data conference in NYC, but this week in San Francisco the top three topics were cloud, cloud and cloud. And one of the big themes in the cloud is data, including data storage and data management.

    The most interesting panels have been 1) the Guru Panel with representation from Facebook, Salesforce, Netflix, COMCAST, Linkedin, and 2) the Cloud Databases panel with representation from NuoDB (fka NimbusDB), Xeround, ParAccel and Cloudant.

    Guru Panel folks (

  • Cambridge, MA – August 23, 2011 – NuoDB, Inc., the thought leader in cloud database technology, announced today that the Beta 2 release of the NuoDB product is available to qualified Beta customers. NuoDB can run on local computers or on cloud-based systems such as the Rackspace cloud, and with Beta 2, the system can now be load balanced or cloudbursted dynamically between local computers and the public cloud. NuoDB is a NewSQL database system, a new category of databases designed to deliver horizontally scalable ACID transactions within the industry-standard

  • RethinkDB is “the database for solid state drives”. Or, it was. Slava Akhmechet, the brains behind the system, now talks about a system that adapts the storage medium. And, indeed, that the product is primarily targeted at supporting high-speed blob-retrieval for web page generation. Focus, focus, focus. The company sounds more market focused. Smart.

    But it raises the question: Consolidation or

  • Next week, the 22nd and 23rd we will be in attendance at GigaOM’s Structure Conference . On Thursday, the 23rd, we’ll be participating in the “The Next Frontier:

  • Mike Stonebraker is right when he says in his recent article that the NewSQL market exists to solve the New OLTP problem, however that leaves us with two questions to answer.

    First, are you facing a New OLTP problem? And if so, Which NewSQL vendor’s approach is likely to address your specific requirements.


  • Great to see Xeround launch their GA this week. The emergence of NewSQL as the fulfillment of the academic observation that transactions and SQL can theoretically scale horizontally is underlined by the existence proof of a vendor with a GA product that makes those claims.

    Xeround are highlighting two key elements of the NuoDB (fka NimbusDB) world view. Firstly, that data management in the cloud needs to scale-out,

  • Early access invitations are out! We’re working with a select group of evaluators to put our Elastic Database Server through its paces, did you get your invitation? If you’re on our early access list you should be contacted soon, if not already. Please let us know if you haven’t heard from us!

    This early access release is going to change the way you think about relational database systems, it

  • Matthew Aslett, a senior analyst at the 451 Group research firm, just over a month ago single-handedly launched a new database category by coining a great name for it, NewSQL. This is a nice play on the NoSQL name as it is meant to encompass vendors of relational databases who are tackling the thorny issues related to horizontal scalability, elasticity and performance in the cloud. As testament to