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Rethink Database Technology

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an elastically scalable database? NuoDB is a re-think of relational database technology, targeted at an elastic cloud of computers rather than a single computer system. What sets NuoDB apart from other NewSQL and NoSQL solutions is the many distinctive features that underpin its unique architecture.  Chief among them is the manner by which multiple nodes cooperate to manage the state of the database.

Unlike traditional database architectures that are centralized with centralized transaction log files and query-processing, NuoDB manages transactions and queries in a de-centralized way, much in the way that peer-to-peer systems such as BitTorrent operate. Data, indexes, and transactional state exist across many nodes, delivered on demand to those nodes that need that information from those nodes containing the requested data. NuoDB is an ACID, transactional, and elastically scalable client/cloud relational database: a standards compliant database with support for SQL, JDBC and ODBC.

Wondering how we make that happen? Join us, Thursday, November 17th at 12pm EST to hear Barry Morris, founder and CEO of NuoDB, describe our revolutionary database architecture. Space is limited so register today!

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