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The Release of Beta 8!


Have You Heard? Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger


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Beta 8 was released today and it’s bigger, better, faster and stronger than any other mastery out there! Here’s a quick summary of the many improvements in this release:

Performance Improvements

YCSB (industry standard Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark for cloud databases) benchmarks document that:

  • Single NuoDB Transaction Engine performance is improved by as much as 2x for certain configurations
  • Scaling performance with up to 16 Transaction Engines has improved by as much as 44%

Query Optimizer performance improvements

  • The system now uses heuristics to intelligently pick optimal index
  • Significantly improved Group By and Order By performance for certain use cases
Product Hardening
  • More complete support for the top ORM tools, such as Hibernate for Java and Active Record for Ruby on Rails
  • 100 other enhancements and quality improvements
User Experience
  • Native Mac OS installer
  • Enhanced command line administrative tool enables creation of automated scripts for NuoDB database operations
New Platform Support
  • Beta 8 now supports the Oracle Solaris platform
Enhanced Community Portal
  • Online documentation provides simpler, easier access to all the details
  • Getting Started Guide – best place to start when first exploring NuoDB

Download today!

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