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RC2 Prepares the Way for GA With Improved Performance & Stability


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The second Release Candidate (RC2) is now available for download. In preparation for general availability, this release delivers enhanced performance, stability and bug fixes. We hope you’ll take a few minutes this holiday season to grab the latest build and let us know what you think.

What’s New in RC2

In this release, you’ll find:

  • SQL Improvements
    • Improved support in NuoDB SQL for time zones. Continued improved compliance with the standard.
    • New EXPLAIN statement
    • Support for ‘!=’ operator.
  • Tunable Commit Protocol Improvements
    • Improvements in support for configurable durability
  • Administration
    • Feature enhancements for the command line administration tool (NuoDB Manager).
    • Feature enhancements and improved usability for NuoConsole
    • New option that allows starting a database in non-durable mode.
    • New warning message in case the user tries to use the Web Console with JavaScript turned OFF
  • Using NuoDB APIs
    • Support for com.nuodb.jdbc.DataSource has been added.
  • Drivers and Connections
    • Significant improvements in JRuby Driver
    • Improvements in soft shutdown performance

For more information about release features or upgrading, see the online documentation.

A Note For Beta Users:

For anyone using Beta 9 or a lower version – These versions will expire at the end of the month. Your database will still run, but you won’t be able to start new processes or shut down your database and turn it back on. Upgrade to RC2 today to keep everything running smoothly.

Happy Holidays!
The NuoDB Team

P.S. Need more than 2 nodes? Sign up for a Pro Edition trial to work with 8 nodes!

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