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The Month Of April In Review

It was a busy month for us nuonians. With spring slowly creeping its way back in, we wrapped up our West Coast sponsoring session at the Percona Live: MySql and Expo conference and joined forces with fellow attendees at Under The Radar.

With featured Silver Sponsors such as Facebook and Google by our side at the 2012 Percona Live: MySql and Expo Conference, NuoDB was pretty happy to be included amongst them. “It’s not a bad day when you see your logo printed right next to Google and on the same line as Facebook,” CEO and Co-Founder, Barry Morris, said.

With the start of a new week, we also decided to announce our new office move. NuoDB is no longer located at 18 Hurley Street in Cambridge, MA., but rather, in a very cool new office building located just off the Charles River.

With a few more conferences scheduled for us this month, it’s time for our Marketing & Branding Team to get cracking again and head over to All About The Cloud, happening next week, May 8th-10th, 2012, in San Francisco.

Labelled as having the prospects of “transforming the cloud,”  NuoDB –  a NextGen Finalist, is pretty excited to be included in this event.  “All of the firms selected as NextGen companies are young businesses that offer innovative online software and services.” Indeed we do!

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