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Meetups and Webinars, Oh my!


We’re picking up steam! … And we’ve got the followers to show for it.


NuoDB is ready to take off and our diehard fans have been with us all the way. Join us for one of our upcoming, much anticipated, Meet-up groups. We have Boston lined up for August, New York later this Fall and hopefully a San Francisco trip in the works.

“One of the interesting things about Nuonian Meet-ups is the indisputable opportunity  that you get to have real face time with one of our head engineers,” NuoDB, Marketing & Branding Manger, Max Summit says. “Everyone loves a good movie night. Think of  these events as an opportunity to come together as a group and collectively share your visions on database architecture. Become part of a scene where your thoughts and opinions matter. Take a chance at our podium. Learn about a system that will redefine the database industry as we know it. NuoDB is changing the face of databases systems everywhere. Are you ready for the revolution?”

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Missed out on the NuoDB tutorial that we had last week?

No sweat. Here’s a link to see the video. Check out the first introductory Webinar tutorial, designed to make sure you have everything you need to get started with NuoDB – the industry’s most elastically scalable database.

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