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Meetup With MySQL Users in NYC

November 15, 2012 — Dateline New York City —  NuoDB’s Tech Evangelist, Wiqar Chaudry, Brand Manager, Max Summit and Trek Palmer, one of our top engineers, met with nearly 100 MySQL users in New York City to discuss NoSQL, MySQL, NewSQL, the cloud database crisis and NuoDB.

The conversation was dominated by the topic of sharding and why it’s unnecessary with NuoDB. Towards the end of the presentation just as Trek was about to jump into the demo, he was bombarded with a barrage of questions from the audience. For the next 40 minutes Trek was answering questions on sharding, concurrency, availability, and scaling.

The crowd’s appetite for how NuoDB works was insatiable! At one point, members of the audience who had patiently been waiting for the demo erupted and demanded that Trek proceed with the demo and hold off on answering more questions!

In the meantime, go to How It Works  to understand why sharding, clustering, replication, performance tuning and other database acrobatics are no longer necessary with NuoDB’s emergent architecture.

See you at our next Meetup!

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