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Human Scale

Nuonians gathered last Thursday for our annual holiday party. It was the 21st century version of the time-honored seasonal bash – none of those infamous activities in the back office for us! – complete with thoughtful conversation, a mellow Brazilian jazz quartet, delicious cuisine and drink. We all left a little heavier and a lot happier.

However the most striking aspect of the event was its size. With NuoDB continuing to grow by leaps and bounds, our party has grown as well - more than double the size of last year's! While doing so, we also proved out the old adage: the more, the merrier.

The database market is hot. CIOs, CTOs and Chief Architects are actively (and passionately) scouting out new solutions that scale elastically; that work with the cloud not to spite it; and can future-proof their business apps for decades to come. No more sharding, no more throwing costly hardware at the peak load problem; no more vendor lock-in. IT leaders and business strategists are moving on. We are continuing to add the best of the best technical talent to stay ahead of these new expectations.

2014 was a very good year. 2015 promises to be even better.

We believe 2015 will see an uptick in high-performance operational systems. We will see apps scale out in a big and global way - from online games to retail to strategic enterprise software apps.

We can’t wait. 

NuoDB investor Gary Morgenthaler shares in holiday humor with Nuonians.

Barry Morris, NuoDB President and CEO, chats with Nilanjana Bhowmik of Longworth Ventures.

Nuonians enjoyed themselves …

And the band played on. 

Photography by K Renneker Photography


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