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Hello NuoDB Community Members!

My name is Wiqar Chaudry and I am NuoDB’s new Director of Product Marketing and Technology Evangelist. I am super excited to be here and wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my background and thoughts on database technology with you.

It’s no secret that database technology has been around for decades. Unfortunately for database users, today’s databases are still using decades old architectures to solve modern day data problems. In my own experience, as a solutions architect and later as a product manager for a prominent database marketing company, I was responsible for delivering large-scale marketing systems to companies like Bank Of America, Pfizer, and the likes. As you can imagine, these companies demanded performance, scalability and real-time access to their data. In all instances, trade-offs in SQL compliance, ACID transactions and elastic scalability had to be made in order to accommodate their needs. Customers that were unwilling to make the required trade-offs were forced to implement modest solutions that could cost millions. Just to give you an idea, a single installation of a database appliance can cost up to 100K without any application or disaster recovery considerations. Many clients require several database appliance installations in addition to a disaster recovery plan easily pushing past the million-dollar mark in hardware costs alone.

What has excited me most about coming to work for NuoDB is the world-class team with the likes of Jim Starkey and Barry Morris, two co-founders who are dedicated to putting an end to the database status quo. NuoDB offers a compelling alternative to the countless NoSQL and SQL solutions out there. For the first time, customers can implement a system that is 100% SQL, 100% ACID, and 100% elastically scalable without spending millions of dollars on custom hardware or sacrificing direct access to their data in a well understood language like SQL.

I want to thank NuoDB for welcoming me into the family. I look forward to getting to know all of you NuoDB users and enthusiasts out there. Look for my postings on our Community Center or meetup with me virtually on webinars and in person at our meetups.

Wiqar Chaudry


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