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Have You Heard A Monthly Newsletter Series

In case you missed it, here’s a copy of our new monthly newsletter series: ‘Have Your Heard?’ – The definitive source for all your information on Emergent Databases.

The NuoDB Bird and Emergent Databases:

The NuoDB Bird is a crane, a symbol of longevity, good luck and happiness. Aside from the obvious hopes and dreams we’ve pinned on our Bird, he is also a symbol of our software for creating emergent databases.

NuoDB is unlike any other database company by virtue of having developed the industry’s first and only emergent database.

Translation: NuoDB software is based upon the science of emergent behavior. This behavior describes a situation in which individual agents (think of a single fish in a huge school of fish or a flock of birds) uniformly perform complex activities all without a leader.

Build your own emergent database here: Download the product today!

Product Update

Beta 7 Release

The latest version of NuoDB will be hot off the desks of our engineering team very soon. We hope everyone flocks to in mid-June to download this new version.
Make It Scale! – Say No to NoSQL

Did this ever happen to you (we hope)? When a stranger agrees with your POV spontaneously? You didn’t have to explain yourself? You didn’t have to scream and shout? The other guy just got it instantly? Then he shouted it from the roof top and you didn’t have to?

Well, we felt like that when we saw a blog by Idan at Cloud Computing Etc. It starts:

“I’ve spent almost three weeks trying to find a scalable relational database solution for my next application. I am not a DB expert, but I built many web apps against SQL Server and MySQL. My next app, if it will be successful, will need to scale to terabytes of data.”

If you can feel Idan’s pain too, you have to read the rest of his blog. We don’t know Idan personally but it’s obvious that he is a one sharp guy.

In Case You Missed It

Innovation, All About The Cloud, Seagulls and Barry Morris of NuoDB

We were ecstatic to be counted as one of SIIA’s NexGen leading innovative companies – early stage companies delivering game-changing solutions in today’s cloud computing environment – at their “All About The Cloud” conference.

We got to rub elbows with some great thinkers and pick up some interest in the blogosphere. 

Coming Soon

When We Think of September…

It used to be that September was all about back-to-school clothes and shoes; autumn leaves starting to show; the warmth of Indian Summer; making new friends.

We want to add a new memory to the meaning of September. A happy one for us and we hope a very beneficial one for you. Stay tuned in upcoming issues of the Have You Heard? newsletter to stay on top of the latest in emergent database technology and news. Sign up for our mailing list today!

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