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Beta 5 Launches With Major System Improvements

With over 100 improvements made to the code base, the latest version of NuoDB promises to both excite existing Beta testers, as well as entice newcomers to join in on the fun.

The previous release, Beta 4, was chock full of new features including support for JRuby ActiveRecord, ODBC, MAC OS/X, Amazon S3, and Triggers.

With Beta 5, NuoDB engineering shifted gears from feature development to efforts in usability, stability and performance improvements.  Major areas of improvement include:

  • Drivers: the ODBC, JDBC and JRuby ActiveRecord drivers have been more rigorously tested using many more existing test suites and products.
  • Scalability: we’ve fixed a number of issues with concurrency support and made the system more resilient as it is scaled.
  • Performance: we’ve improved our query optimizer so that it performs well in a broad set of circumstances.
  • Management tools: the NuoDB Manager is much easier to use and includes many more options for configuration and display of metrics.
  • Documentation: we’ve reorganized our documentation so that different users can find information easier. We’ve also added better getting started material.

All in all, Beta 5 is a major step forward in the overall quality and stability of NuoDB.  If you haven’t logged on to join our Beta program, we suggest you do so immediately. It’s a great way to get your hands dirty and test out a revolutionary product before it reaches the mainstream.

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