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Barry Morris To Speak At GigaOM Structure

Databases confront the cloud: evolution, revolution and coexistence

Until recently the industry has seen remarkably little innovation in databases. Why are we seeing so much variety now? NoSQL grew out of the limitations of SQL for certain use cases, but SQL will not disappear. So where will both ultimately belong? We are seeing that the brouhaha around NoSQL as a category obscures the fact that a variety of databases are needed to address a large range of use cases. This panel will examine how design patterns have evolved, especially those underpinning cloud applications, and how those patterns are driving innovations in database design.

Moderated by: George Gilbert – Principal, TechAlpha Partners and Analyst, GigaOM Pro.

Speakers: Barry Morris – CEO, NuoDB, Cliff Moon – CTO, Boundary, Dave Rubin – Director of NoSQL Database Development, Oracle, Peter van Hardenberg – Co-Founder, Heroku Postgres, Heroku.

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