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If you have kids, you know that old refrain wafting from the back seat on a long family road trip: “Hey, Mom, Dad, are we there yet?” Well, good news from NuoDB:  we are close to reaching our destination: general availability (GA) of NuoDB 1.0.  No more betas.  It’s (almost) the real thing!


Today we announced Release Candidate 1 (RC1), the final feature release prior to GA, which includes:

  • Support for node.JS gives developers access to a fast, data-intensive and elastically scalable database;
  • A rolling upgrades model for continuous product improvement without taking a NuoDB database offline;
  • Commit Protocol – both local and remote – to specify when/where transactions are durable;
  • Further enhancement of the NuoConsole, our web-based, intuitive management tool that reduces database administration to near zero.

It is available for free download at

What will the GA release be and what will the new editions cost?

Simultaneously, we also announced pricing, licensing and distributions for release 1.0 (stay tuned, it’s GA coming in 30-60 days!). NuoDB will be offering a FREE FOREVER Community Edition!  Yes. Free. Forever.

NuoDB 1.0 will be offered in two editions:

The NuoDB Community Edition — a free-forever version of NuoDB intended for use by developers for proof-of-concept or initial deployment of applications.  It is a full-featured, high-performance SQL database, which offers powerful in-memory caching, multi-tenancy and poses no restrictions on database size.

The NuoDB Pro Edition designed to scale elastically to support applications that entail tens of thousands of transactions per second and hundreds of concurrent users.

The Pro Edition features all the power the NuoDB’s architecture can offer.  As with the Community Edition, it runs in public clouds including Amazon EC2, private clouds, on-premise data centers or even on a laptop.

NuoDB 1.0 Pro Edition will be offered in 4-process node packs priced at $10,000/pack.  In addition to all Community Edition capabilities, will provide elastic scale out/in, built-in redundancy, and hot upgrade capabilities and also offers optional support for HDFS, the Hadoop Distributed File System, and Amazon S3.

The Community Edition will be offered as a 2-process node version and will be free forever. Click here for details.


NuoDB Pro and Community Editions are available immediately as release candidates.  You can request an 8-process node trial of Pro Edition during RC1 and we’ll make a 30-day evaluation version available at the time of GA.

Experience it!

We want to share the excitement of RC1 with the thousands of folks who downloaded our beta versions.  We will keep you informed about upcoming announcements over the next 30-60 days.  In the meantime experience NuoDB. Download RC1 today!

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