Two Sides to CEO Bob Walmsley

In this Q&A, NuoDB’s new President and CEO Bob Walmsley talks about his background, personality and accomplishments with Parna Sarkar-Basu.

Tell me a bit about your background and early career.

Aligning with a Market in Transition: A Conversation with Incoming CEO Bob Walmsley

Five years after co-founding NuoDB and growing the business, Barry Morris is taking on the role of executive chairman. Bob Walmsley, former executive vice president of Sales and Services, is the new president and CEO of NuoDB. In this discussion with Parna Sarkar-Basu, Bob shares his plans and priorities to drive growth and enhance customer success.

Resiliency is Key For Database Cloud Deployment

Deploying databases in the cloud is becoming more difficult as time goes by. Not that the technical hurdles are getting higher – indeed, technology is actually making it easier than ever – but the job of convincing the front office that this is a good way to manage precious data is getting to be a challenge.

Data Residency: Who is Shouldering the Burden of Compliance?

This week in Berlin the Object Management Group (OMG), whose self-described mission is to develop technology standards that provide real-world value*, conducted the first workshop meeting of its new data residency group, a working group that NuoDB initiated.

Sizing Up the Data Residency Challenge

One issue that keeps coming up in global enterprise circles is the concept of data residency or data sovereignty. As more governments become wiser to the implications of the digital economy on consumer protection, privacy and even national security, the more they wish to keep certain information from leaving their borders.


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