Data Residency: Who is Shouldering the Burden of Compliance?

This week in Berlin the Object Management Group (OMG), whose self-described mission is to develop technology standards that provide real-world value*, conducted the first workshop meeting of its new data residency group, a working group that NuoDB initiated.

Sizing Up the Data Residency Challenge

One issue that keeps coming up in global enterprise circles is the concept of data residency or data sovereignty. As more governments become wiser to the implications of the digital economy on consumer protection, privacy and even national security, the more they wish to keep certain information from leaving their borders.

Architecting Cloud-Facing Database Applications Without the Overhead

The transition to the cloud is not going to be a smooth affair. As can be seen already, there will be numerous pitfalls and wrong turns, and ultimately it will be very difficult to determine if the money spent has led to the most optimal computing environment.

What You Need to Know Before Moving to the Cloud: CTO Seth Proctor at NYC Database Month

Last month, NuoDB’s CTO Seth Proctor was invited to speak at Database Month in New York City, where he delivered a comprehensive presentation on cloud architecture and his views on where it should go.

Architecting for the Cloud Series – Lessons from the Experts

In March, NuoDB held the first in our 2015 breakfast seminar series, “Architecting for the Cloud” in Cambridge, MA. Thanks to our database enthusiasts and experts, the event was a great success. Read on for the highlights or watch the video recording of the event to the right!


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