Scaling Database Capacity On Demand

The two words “database scalability” can be pretty daunting. Sure, traditional databases can scale, but they often do so by migrating to bigger boxes (“scaling up”) or requiring fancy footwork in the form of replication or even more complex sharding the database.

The resulting cost, labor, downtime, and risk can be enough to send even the most stoic IT team into a tailspin.

Expanding To Serve EMEA

Today NuoDB announced the opening of our European headquarters in the M4 corridor, Britain’s technology hub for IT and telecommunications services. Plus we also announced the appointment of Martin Gaffney to head up the new office as EMEA regional director.

What Will Be 2015’s Biggest Winner?

This is the season for making predictions for the coming year. I curate a blog called The Business of Data and this week’s entry contains a number of interesting predictions from some technical gurus in the DBMS business and even one of my own. You can read those here

But now I’m here to tell you what’s absolutely going to be really big in 2015. The real hot prediction. The thing you should bet on…

Cat cafés.

From The Front Lines – New Research On Cloud Adoption

NuoDB recently conducted a research study that included application vendors, IT consultants and end users (including enterprises) as participants. There were some expected answers and at least one surprise in the findings.

The responses come from surveys completed by more than 200 attendees at two leading cloud computing conferences: Cloud Expo and AWS re:Invent events, both held in November 2014.

Human Scale

Nuonians gathered last Thursday for our annual holiday party. It was the 21st century version of the time-honored seasonal bash – none of those infamous activities in the back office for us! – complete with thoughtful conversation, a mellow Brazilian jazz quartet, delicious cuisine and drink. We all left a little heavier and a lot happier.


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