What You Need to Know Before Moving to the Cloud: CTO Seth Proctor at NYC Database Month

Last month, NuoDB’s CTO Seth Proctor was invited to speak at Database Month in New York City, where he delivered a comprehensive presentation on cloud architecture and his views on where it should go.

Architecting for the Cloud Series – Lessons from the Experts

In March, NuoDB held the first in our 2015 breakfast seminar series, “Architecting for the Cloud” in Cambridge, MA. Thanks to our database enthusiasts and experts, the event was a great success. Read on for the highlights or watch the video recording of the event to the right!

NuoDB Multi-tenancy: Managing 100s or 1000s of databases

Hosting providers, SaaS vendors, and Enterprises are all looking for multi-tenant capabilities that allow them to share database and hardware resources.  

Geo-Distribution is the New Globalization

As globalization evolved from a phenomenon into an enterprise standard, and ecommerce from a niche into a $300 billion market, the ability to provide application access at local speed to users around the globe becomes an absolute necessity. 

Latency in the Cloud: You Can’t Eliminate It, But You Can Manage It

Performance is one of the top-ranked concerns that enterprise executives have when it comes to fully trusting the cloud. But performance is a little tricky to nail down because it encompasses such a wide range of disciplines – everything from resource scale and availability to system and architecture governance.


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