Should You Be Sharding Your Database At All?

In my last blog, I talked about database sharding, exploring some of the reasons for doing so, as well as the challenges inherent to the approach. Given the many challenges with database sharding, it's no wonder that organizations and vendors are seeking alternatives. 

Continuous Availability: Moving Beyond High Availability

In today's always-on world, organizations often need to think beyond traditional "high availability" to an even higher standard of service: "continuous availability." In this short demo video, we demonstrate how NuoDB's distributed SQL database can be configured on-demand to run as a redundant active-active database across multiple server hos

Database Automation – Seeing Is Believing

NuoDB’s “No Knobs” approach to administration delivers full database automation for all NuoDB databases. The Automation Console handles database configuration, deployment, and monitoring, making it extremely easy to automate starting, stopping and scaling out your databases via templates from a central console. Seeing is believing; so watch this short video demo.

Sizing Up the Distributed Database

To many long-time enterprise administrators, the idea of a distributed database is unnerving at best. Instead of having all your data, the database platform and the supporting hardware in one place where you can keep an eye on it, the architecture is spread across multiple locations, and almost always on a diverse, heterogeneous footprint.


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