Ramping For Growth

“With the recent investment from Dassault Systèmes and our existing investors, we are moving forward aggressively in NuoDB’s go-to-market efforts,” stated Barry Morris, NuoDB CEO and Co-Founder.

What a momentous week here at NuoDB! Here are a few of the highlights:

In a press release Wednesday, it was announced that two highly accomplished software industry veterans have joined the firm. Bob Walmsley, as Executive Vice President of Sales and Services, and Steve Cellini, in the role of Vice President of Product Management. Bob and Steve provide NuoDB with the wealth of market experience necessary to deliver on achieving its goals.

Yesterday, Red Herring published their list of the Top 100 Technology Companies in North America. NuoDB was included (write-up on p. 96), as was announced last year. To be distinguished as such is a great thrill, especially alongside a slew of other innovative businesses such as Pentaho, Actifio, Veracode, Glassdoor and MuleSoft.

Here’s an interesting bit on NuoDB from the Red Herring piece.

The company has built and patented the jet engine, says Barry Morris, CEO and Co-Founder; therefore challengers have no choice but to try and make a faster propeller engine. They’re trying to inflict incremental improvements upon a product which NuoDB has replaced.

To top it off, the company is inching closer to moving into new office space down the hall. Here’s some of the crew checking in on construction.

A few Nuonians check out the new space in the midst of construction.


The new office has double to space to accommodate a growing team. So stay tuned! There are a bunch of positions hiring now, and even more to come.

A Rare Sighting. Wowza!

Tuesday of this week, offered a rare sighting in the form of NuoDB Founder and Strategic Adviser, Jim Starkey. Jim retired last year after getting NuoDB off to a smooth start in January 2013 with the general availability of his brainchild, the NuoDB distributed cloud database.

But on Tuesday he stepped in to cover for NuoDB CEO, Barry Morris, and spoke at a webcast with industry analyst, Dr. Robin Bloor of Bloor Research on the topic of “The Crown Jewels: Is Enterprise Data Ready For The Cloud.”

Barb Darrow of GigaOM has called Jim a superstar. We think of him as one of the foremost data scientists of all time. He did not disappoint on Tuesday.

As always, Jim offered up some zingers and insights. A few quotes:

“Time spent on database administration is time off your life span.” (Meaning, the “no knobs” auto administration functions of NuoDB make life loads easier for DBAs). Also on auto admin: “I don’t think humans should tell computers how computers should work.”

“NuoDB was designed from the beginning to be able to change columns or anything, running hot, multi-user, pumping transactions.”

“I invented the first DBMS that could do a two-phased commit and the first system that has no reason to do one.” (Meaning NuoDB).

“Can I say I have no idea?” (In response to a complex, esoteric, technical question).

“I’m very bashful about talking about my baby, as you can see.”

Other banter with Dr. Bloor included: a discussion of the theory of relativity!

Jim and Dr. Bloor held the audience’s (in the hundreds!) attention for over an hour. To catch the replay, click here. You will be entertained!

NuoDB Future-Proofs DropShip eCommerce Platform

In 2014, e-commerce sales in the United States will generate $262.3 billion, estimates eMarketer. A 16.4 percent year over year increase that isn’t expected to taper off anytime soon. In 2017, the U.S. e-commerce industry is estimated to rake in $440 billion in sales. That’s the United States alone! China’s annual growth rate is a staggering 60 percent.

For NuoDB customer DropShip Commerce, an e-commerce SaaS platform, scaling to accommodate this major influx of transactions was a major hurdle in establishing the best experience for their customers. Their solution demanded a database that could grow with their business and allow them to reduce infrastructure and provisioning expenses.

Take a look at their story and how they were able to future-proof their solution with a NuoDB database.

 NuoDB Future-Proofs DropShip eCommerce Platform


NuoDB in 90 Seconds

What They Are Saying

"NuoDB is proof that innovation is continuing apace in the database market. Driven by seasoned database experts with an impressive track record, the company is now releasing a high-performance SQL-based large-scale-out transactional database that runs happily on commodity hardware. It will likely attract a good deal of attention."

Robin Bloor, Ph.D,
Chief Analyst & Cofounder,
The Bloor Group, Bloor Research