From The Front Lines – New Research On Cloud Adoption

NuoDB recently conducted a research study that included application vendors, IT consultants and end users (including enterprises) as participants. There were some expected answers and at least one surprise in the findings.

The responses come from surveys completed by more than 200 attendees at two leading cloud computing conferences: Cloud Expo and AWS re:Invent events, both held in November 2014.

Human Scale

Nuonians gathered last Thursday for our annual holiday party. It was the 21st century version of the time-honored seasonal bash – none of those infamous activities in the back office for us! – complete with thoughtful conversation, a mellow Brazilian jazz quartet, delicious cuisine and drink. We all left a little heavier and a lot happier.

The Up-To-The Minute Twelve Days Holiday $250 Challenge

Way back in 1780 in merry old England, the song/rhyme The Twelve Days of Christmas was published for the first time. Though its origins are debated to this day, the theme describes an increasingly lavish series of gifts given over the course of the 12 days leading up to Christmas.

For the record, the gifts were:

No Surprises: Application Vendors Talk Cloud

Life and business are often full of surprises. But not this time.

NuoDB recently commissioned a research study that included only independent software vendors (ISVs) as participants. About half the subjects were Software as a Service providers and the rest were actively migrating applications to the cloud.

We weren’t surprised by what they said. We were, in fact, heartened by the depth and breadth of smart strategies ISVs have devised to make the best use of the cloud for their businesses.

Impressions of show season….so far

As veterans of high tech all know, trade shows and conferences are all lumped into two compressed time periods every year: May and early June and then again late September, October and early November. NuoDB hit the ground running for the fall season as usual.


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