Network Function Virtualization – Putting the Pain on Traditional Databases

A growing number of NuoDB customers are key players in the mobile telecommunications eco-system market. And the big story for them is Network Function Virtualization (NFV). No more hardwired components. Routers, switches, and firewalls are being turned into software that runs somewhere in a cloud. Well, not just a cloud but specifically a telecom-grade cloud.

Get Your Teeth into a Healthier Data Diet

How data can help the business end of the dentistry industry

The jury is out in the trial by big data of wearable technology. Not everyone is entirely convinced by the arguments for electronic personal surveillance. I’m certainly not.

Powering the ‘Now’ Economy

There’s no question: In today’s on-demand economy, customers must have consistent, accurate data access no matter where they are located. Systems need to respond within milliseconds with no downtime, ever. 

Two Sides to CEO Bob Walmsley

In this Q&A, NuoDB’s new President and CEO Bob Walmsley talks about his background, personality and accomplishments with Parna Sarkar-Basu.

Aligning with a Market in Transition: A Conversation with Incoming CEO Bob Walmsley

Five years after co-founding NuoDB and growing the business, Barry Morris is taking on the role of executive chairman. Bob Walmsley, former executive vice president of Sales and Services, is the new president and CEO of NuoDB. In this discussion with Parna Sarkar-Basu, Bob shares his plans and priorities to drive growth and enhance customer success.


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