Barry Morris

Barry Morris NuoDB CEO

Barry Morris

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Barry is an accomplished software CEO with over 25 years of industry experience in the USA and Europe, running private and public companies ranging in scale from early startup phase to 1,000+ employees. He loves to build companies around industry-changing paradigm-shifts in technology.

Barry joined IONA Technologies (NASDAQ:IONA) in the very early days and ultimately as CEO led Ireland's most successful software company through its strongest period of growth. He built the company to over 10,000 customers, over 270 technology partners, over $180m in revenues and over 70% marketshare. IONA's Orbix became the most widely deployed strategic middleware product in the world. Under Barry's leadership IONA introduced the industry's first middleware microkernel now incorporated in the popular open source FUSE ESB product. IONA laid the groundwork for modern SOA-based systems, and was influential in the rapid growth of the Irish technology industry during the Celtic Tiger era.

As Chairman and CEO of StreamBase Systems Barry took an MIT project led by Dr. Michael Stonebraker and built it into the market pioneer and leader in Complex Event Processing (CEP). StreamBase uses advanced database technologies to correlate, analyse and respond to hundreds-of-thousands of events per second. StreamBase is widely used today in financial services, ecommerce, multi-user online games, and intelligence applications. As connected devices, RFID, sensor networks and real-time systems continue their explosive growth CEP is set to become a pervasive part of computing everywhere.

Barry's early career included technical, management and business development roles in London-based companies PROTEK and Metrica, and Lotus Development and DEC in Ireland. In addition to a great deal of consulting work over the years he has served on the boards of many startup companies in Boston, Ireland and South Africa, as well as on the board of the International School of Boston, the Sugan Theater Company and the Boston advisory board of GOAL, the well known Irish NGO.

Barry was born in South Africa and has lived for extended periods in England, Ireland and Boston, MA. He has a Degree in Engineering from New College Oxford University, and an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from the IMCA.

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