The simplicity and rigor you need from a relational database.
The elasticity and agility you get from the cloud.

Only NuoDB keeps transactional consistency & integrity at global scale.

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A Database for Today
That’s ready for Tomorrow

Whether it’s instant access or availability around the clock, users have high expectations of today’s business-critical applications. That’s why our customers trust NuoDB to support their journey from a single data center to global operations in the cloud – and everywhere in between.

With NuoDB, companies gain elastic scalability, simplify disaster recovery strategies, and operate seamlessly across multiple data centers and in the cloud – all without sacrificing ACID semantics.

From the first step to every stop on the way, you can rely on NuoDB.

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Our Technology

for Your Business

Application vendors and enterprises turn to NuoDB’s scale-out, relational database to serve a growing, global – and increasingly mobile – customer base. Take a look at where we can most help you.

Find out why Gartner has named NuoDB a “Visionary”
in Operational Database Management Systems

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